Fly-In is Getting Close! Volunteers Needed

The Fly-In is fast approaching stage center (August 7-9).  We need volunteers to help with security, parking, selling t-shirts, etc.  If you’d like to help, whether from near or far, send Dwight Guss an email at

Young Eagles

The Young Eagles day was June 20th, 2015 from 10AM to 2PM.  If you missed it this year, look for us again next year right about the time Orcas schools go on summer recess.  See you next year — We fly many kids and need EAA member pilots to share the load.  If you’re interested, send Tony Simpson an email at .

2015 Fly-In

Mark your calendars.  This year’s 2015 Fly-in is scheduled for August 7-9.  Unlike most years, this year’s fly-in is NOT the same weekend as SeaFair.  So if you’ve missed us because you love the Blue Angels, this is your chance to visit our beautiful island and airport.

Island Air’s Brand New, First in the Country, Air Ambulance Cessna Caravan.  Flown from the plant this week with 13 hours on the airframe.  If you’ve heard all the controversy about aeromedical airlift from the island’s, here’s your chance to see what Island Air really has to offer in fixed wing.

New Air Ambulance

Traffic Advisory — The Fly-In is less than 4 weeks away!!!

The board of directors have been working hard to make this year’s fly-in one to remember.  We haven’t communicated that here very well, but we found the password and will start rectifying that today.  The weather has been absolutely amazing and we guarantee the same for August or your money back!!!  So, plan on coming to the free fly-in!

One of the pictures below is a hint to a special guest tentatively committed to joining us this year.

Photo credit to Rick Hendon
Photo credit to Rick Hendon
Photo Credit to Rick Hendon
Photo credit to Rick Hendon

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